Colts Fans Should’ve Boo’d Louder

I’m a few days late with this but I really kept changing how I thought about the whole situation. Andrew Luck retires at age 29 and the news breaks while he his on the sidelines of a preseason game and as he’s leaving the crowd begins to boo him. First off those are such pussy fucking boos, Indy please be good at literally anything one fucking time.

I would assume that most of the people who were booing if they could would take it back and I’m here to beg them not to. Do not feel bad for booing, maybe feel bad that you can barely hear any boos but that’s it.

If this happened to me I would like to think I am mature and rational enough that I wouldn’t boo. If I’m a little drunk maybe the pact mentality creeps in and I boo, I don’t know and I doubt I’ll ever know how I would react in this situation. With that being said if you feel like booing then go off. Everyone saying “he doesn’t owe you anything” are completely right but you don’t owe him anything. Now i am not endorsing free reign to be a total cunt to the guy or throw things at him. We’re talking about boos man, boos. I can’t live in a society where we are shaming people for expressing themselves in a negative manner at a sporting event.

With all of that being said if you’re one of these absolute losers like Doug Gottelieb who think he’s soft because he doesn’t want 300lb men who can run 40 yards in under 5 seconds and bench your weight then you should get sent to Guantanamo. I am so over the millennials are soft narrative because we aren’t willingly killing ourselves or the planet. Not to get to preachy. When you’re someone like Doug who was too lazy to go and get a job so you start stealing credit cards you inherently lose your right to call anyone soft for any reason. It’s been said a billion times but guys like him are what make sports media so unbearable to consume. Everyone tries to do the Skip Baylee’s schtick except you’re not funny, you just sound like a fucking loser. And his name is Doug, that is such a narc name.

Before I leave I do want to remind you to boo louder and that the only people who are worse than Doug and his boomer friends are these degenerates.


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