Phillies Fans Reaction When Sean Rodriguez Got Announced Was Perfect


Good, fuck this guy. His comments calling the fans entitled was absolutely insane. Listen it’s a free country, say whatever you want. But understand you’re a douche bag for bashing the fans because they boo your 2 for 22 hitting ass. First time you’re here that people care to hear from you and you take the time to shit on the fan base. Get the fuck out of my face you loser. And his wife hopping on twitter to square up with Sam Wilson about it was laugh out loud funny. I get he’s your man and you are a ride or die but understand the moment. Your husband made the play of his career and wants to trash the fan base for booing??? How about your loser husband spends less time worrying about his ponytail and more time in the batting cage. It’s like the old rollercoaster ride scenario. Your batting average must be this high to talk shit on us.

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