Antonio Brown, Who Has Been Drowning in Drama All Offseason, Thinks Someone Else Should Shut Up

Well, now that the skin is growing back on his feet and he is done throwing temper tantrums about helmets, Antonio Brown has found a new controversy to stir up.

The pick of the week for Brown is bashing his old quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. This is seemingly a personal favorite of AB in his endless attempt to make headlines.

Big Ben recently did an interview with Michelle Tafoya where he stated he wished he didn’t criticize Antonio Brown publicly last season after a loss to the Broncos. If you remember (it may be hard to because the Steelers had new drama every week), Ben threw a pick to seal the game and basically blamed AB for it. Roethlisberger said that moment “ruined a friendship”.


The always humble, team-first, Antonio Brown quickly had a response:

What an absolute shock that Antonio Brown couldn’t take the high road. Anybody who has come into contact with Brown this past year says how level-headed he is!


I had the over/under for the Antonio Brown experiment in Oakland blowing up by Week 10. The way this guy operates, sometimes it’s hard to believe it will make it to Week 1.


I’m not a Big Ben defender of any sort but the Steelers are out of a toxic relationship with this guy and will go right back to the Steeler way. The Steelers losing a flashy, uber-talented wide receiver and then getting better by being more boring as a roster would be the most Pittsburgh Steeler thing to ever happen.

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