Zach Gelb Is A National Treasure

This will be my second pro Zach Gelb blog in the past 6 months. I think it’s time I become a full time listener instead of a casual fan. I think I’m ready for commitment after this clip. As you might have heard Andrew Luck called it a career. Sad because he truly had a shot to be an all time great. But I can’t knock him for hanging it up after going from rehab stint to rehab stint to rehab stint. If I was doing that for years my love would waver as well. But any who, a fella named Dave called into his show and we had fireworks.

Yesssssssss. Get him!! Every single Philadelphia sports radio host please take notes. Callers can, and in this city definitely are, the worst part of sports talk radio. Just idiots that know nothing about sports outside of what their high school coach taught them 30+ years ago. “RUB SOME DIRT ON IT!!!” K buddy relax.

I feel as if host are nervous to push back on callers in fear of losing them. That’s why this is such a breath of fresh air. Dave sucks, let’s stop sugar coating and let him know. Especially when you go full power move by telling him, you stayed on hold and you listen to every word I say.

Go. Off. King.

So I guess this is more of an appreciation blog. I tip my cap to you Zach and I shall be listening. Let me know when you want CEO Joe to call in and trash Daves with you.

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