Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, New Trailer Released Today

HOLY SHIT! In this sizzle reel trailer released this morning and we were blessed with a whole slew of new footage. We all knew the Skywalker saga of Star Wars comes to an end this Christmas, it’s sad but it’s time to close this chapter. This trailer released this morning has me more excited for any Star Wars as I can remember.

We see a clip of Princess Leia, which is a fitting touch that she makes an appearance in the Skywalker Finale. We also see our group of heroes venturing into a new thriving desert village which looks amazing as well.

HOWEVER! Along with the epic Kylo Ren and Rey battle that we knew would be happing, we laid eyes on something much more important. Rey joining the Dark Side?!? My brain can’t comprehend what this means so early in the morning. All I know is that I am ALL the way in on Rey crossing over and I cannot wait until Christmas.

Wow. Just WOW


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