Destiny is Inevitable

The reigning, defending and undisputed champions. Back to back to back to back titles, the first NALCS team to ever do it and undoubtedly the best team North America has ever seen. We won’t look ahead to Worlds yet but those smelly European bums better have paid attention.

Just a fantastic series, very entertaining but Team Liquid made it unnecessarily close. A series that should’ve been 3 or 4 games went to the full 5 games. Game 5 was the most TL game I have ever seen. Surgical, methodical. Sure there were flashy moments but everything that was done was concise and had a purpose and it showed. I don’t have much analysis for this, 5 game series there’s just too much for me to cover. Follow me on Twitter I usually live tweet the games.

The most impressive thing about all of this wasn’t the crazy plays or even Liquid becoming 4x champs. The support esports got today was insane and is creeping more and more into the mainstream. The game today was played in a sold out 20k arena and had 350k people watching on Twitch alone. I don’t know how many watched on YouTube but I imagine it was pretty similar to Twitch, I think it is fair to say that over half a million people were watching ten guys play a video game for almost 5 hours. I just think that is so cool. Now here are some of my favorite tweets from the players leading up to the Finals today.

I know they’re almost all Doublelift but I got sick of looking and he talks the most shit so it was much easier to find.

Shout out Jensen for winning Player of the Series as well.




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