ZEKE WHO? The 2019 NFL RUSHING CHAMP… THAT’S WHO! (He’s coming home!)

Everyone fucking relax.

I have been very quiet on the Zeke front because I haven’t been worried what so ever. Zeke will be a Cowboy this year and the year after and the year after that. And he will be on the field week 1 against the Little Giants.

Zeke just didn’t want to come to camp and I am very cool with that. Less tread on his tires missing camp? I’m good with it.


Anyone thinking Zeke was what so ever mad about the Zeke Who? Comment is an idiot. Jerry has had Zeke’s back nonstop and literally tried to get the NFL COMMISSIONER fired for suspending him.

Zeke knows who has his back. Zeke wants the star on the side of his helmet for the rest of career. Zeke wants to raise the 6th Lombardi in Cowboys history.

Eagles fans are so scared about Zeke because he always rips them up. So they have been ALL OVER the “Zeke Watch.” Praying and hoping he would never come back again.



Cue the music…

“He’s coming home. He’s coming home. Tell the world he’s coming HOOOOME.”

But what will Marshall do?


Feature Image – LA Times

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