You’re A Crazy Person If You Think I’m Not Doing This

I’ll be honest, I’ll have to clear this one with the wife first. But once I have her blessing, it’s full steam ahead. First off, I love fall, it’s the tits. Summer after like July 23rdish can get bent. August is just too hot and you start to hit that area where football is so close you can taste it.

Seasons ranked:

1. Fall

2. Spring

3. Summer

4. Winter

That is the right answer and anything different is garbage. But back to this Blumpkin Spiced Latte. The entire internet is going to hate this guy and even I kind of hate him. It’s the hat I think. But I absolutely respect the hustle. Girls do this all the time and no one says a word. And they do it fully clothed, how boring is that? Pumpkin Spice that shit up a little bit bitches. Pop the top off, drop the underoos and let the world see your ginger snaps.

For me though, I’m not going Starbucks PSL. I’m going Linvilla Orchards Apple cider. Much tastier and I like supporting local businesses. Another picture, I’ll get the weird looking pumpkins. One shaped like a penis and two smaller ones to resemble my coin purse. The possibilities are endless. So stay tuned this fall for the Branded Sports calendar drop. It will most definitely be a collectors item.

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