We Did It Mr. Stark! New Rumored Deal Between Disney and Sony Could Be Confirmed at Disney’s D23 Panel Tomorrow.

Edgar Alan

This last week has been a wild roller coaster ride of emotions for Marvel fans wondering what the future of the MCU was going to look like with the iconic web-slinger, and if Sony was going to try and reboot the character for the 3,000th time.

Well, as first reported by cosmicbook.news, Disney and Marvel have reportedly come to a new agreement that would put Spider-Man back into the MCU for awhile, along with some other major characters.

DISCLAIMER: This hasn’t been confirmed by other news report stations, but if this turns out to be true then holy shit..

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Let’s breakdown this deal real quick for y’all cause this gets pretty fucking sweet if you’re a Spider-Man fan:

  • After the third installment of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Disney and Sony have agreed to a contract with Tom Holland for 6 more movies with an option for a 7th!

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  • Three of those movies will be standalone Spider-Man movies, kind of like a second trilogy, focusing on his college years where he will team up with Firestar and Ice Man from the X-Men.
  • 2 of those movies will be new Avengers movies in which he will be a lead character now and develop a closer relationship with Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch from The Fantastic Four.
  • Marvel Studios will again helm production on the films for 30% of the movie profits.
  • Sony will distribute the films, but Disney will have exclusive digital and online rights.
  • Marvel studios will now also helm and co-finance live action spin offs for Into the SpiderVerse
  • If Sony is purchased by another company (like let’s say Apple), the Spider-Man film rights will be given to Disney

….and lastly…..

  • Venom will be crossing over into the MCU

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That news is HUGE!

Venom is one of the most iconic villains of Spider-Man and was already butchered once by Sony when they gave us this pipsqueak as the first Venom…

Image result for goofy topher grace venom

Image: cinemablend.com

What a joke….

And then Sony kind of redeemed the character with the release of Venom. I love Tom Hardy so I won’t say anything bad about his performance, although he was a little too broody for Eddie Brock, he was wayyy better than Topher. Venom as a character though was fucking sweet and a lot more like the comic book version. The storyline in that movie, however, was a bit cheesy and was simple. Pretty average movie overall. I’d be happy though if they kept Tom Hardy as Venom and just had Marvel write the character because I know it would come out as gold.

Tomorrow is the D23 expo and Spider-Man is reportedly part of the panel and I’m hoping this sort of cryptic Instagram picture is all we need as confirmation that this is true. Could just be a picture of them hanging out though. Again some people look way too far into this, but I’m hoping it’s true…

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We did it Mr Stark!

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Scroll to the last picture if you get the whole post.

Featured Image: cosmicbook.news

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