Enes Kanter Is Becoming An American Citizen

I really like Kanter as a player and as a person. Every team needs a guy like him, someone who will fight the biggest baddest dude for looking at his teammates the wrong way and as a Celtic fan I appreciate that. I like him as a person because he means what he says and he stands by it. Before I started at Branded I went over the Kanter vs Turkey situation but I don’t love getting too political, I like keeping it light. With that being said I thought that I should help Enes pick out a new, more American name, for when he becomes a citizen. He said he isn’t sure what he would change his name to so let’s give him some ideas.

Kanter was born in 1992 and the most popular name in America for babies in ’92 was Michael. A solid name but he doesn’t look like a Michael to me, that ones a maybe.

All time baby names in America are;

  1. James
  2. John
  3. Robert
  4. Michael
  5. William

A little surprised to see Robert in the top 5 all time but whatever. Those are all decent names but he is playing in Boston now so what are some popular baby names from Boston? Number one was Benjamin, decent enough name. Now out of all of these names how can we make him a regular American but at the same time keep his roots intact. Enes is a proud man and I can’t see him just washing his hands of his original, Turkish name, completely.

I’ve decided the best name for Kanter is… Michael Enes Jones. Hear me out, Michael is a solid name and it isn’t only the 4th most American name it was the most popular name when he was born. We make Enes his middle name so he can keep his family roots. The last name was tough. I was thinking Smith because it is the most common last name in America since forever but it didn’t sound right, then I saw Jones. I mean the MJ jokes just write themselves and Enes Michael is a funny twitter guy.

Can’t wait to get my Jones #11 jersey.


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