Dallas Strip Club Giving Away Popeyes New Chicken Sandwiches Upon Entry

Nobody knows how to hustle like the fine strip clubs of this country:



What a line from a strip club slinging chicken sandwiches like a Saturday Air Jordan release.

The uniqueness of the marketing ploy by this strip club is unmatched: it’s probably the only place in the world that smells like fried chicken, sweat and the fear of having to tell your step-dad you dropped out of community college to dance on a pole. 

I’m still not entirely sure why the Popeye’s chicken sandwich has become a phenomenon or if it is even good. It’s like that time a blindfolded Sandra Bullock took the internet by storm and next thing we knew, we had all seen an entirely average movie in Bird Box. 

It’s just good to see the citizens of a city come together in a time of need. If this Dallas strip club makes enough money off their Chicken and Stripper Breast buffet, maybe the Cowboys can afford to keep Zeke! 


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