The MLB Has Issued a Warning to its Players Over the Rampant Use of Gas Station Sex Pills


This is just not a tweet or an article I thought I’d ever see from Jeff Passan:


“Major League Baseball in a memo warned about the “very real risk” of over-the-counter sexual-enhancement pills after at least two players this year were suspended for performance-enhancing drugs and said the banned substances found in their urine came from the unregulated products, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.”


Wow, this takes the juiced balls controversy in the MLB to a whole new level.

I feel like we’re all shocked by this but in a more real sense, none of us are shocked by this. These guys are superb athletes in the prime of their physique. There’s no need to take them but they help and there available. It’s like, if you had the ability to complete your math homework but you have a tutor who could complete the math homework for you, what are you gonna do?

I guess the most surprising part about this is the rampant use of these “gas station” pills in not only the MLB but everywhere! It’s a $30 billion industry (according to the article) and no one actually knows the ingredients of these pills.

As someone who is afraid of what is in pre-workout during a trip to the gym, I think these sexual enhancements pills would have the inverse effect on me because I’d just worry the whole time.

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