Phillies Celebrate a Big Win in Boston With a Nice Cream Pie

Nola night in Fenway lived up to the hype! The Red Sox ran themselves out of a win in the 9th inning as the Phillies squeaked out a 3-2 win in Boston.

After a HORRENDOUS series loss the Padres, Gabe Kapler’s squad got back on track in a big way. So, the Phillies social media team decided to celebrate the monumental win with a nice cream pie.

The Phillies social media team has been awesome this year. Feels bad to make fun of them but our minds have been perverted by the access to that type of content on the internet and Twitter.

I mean, admit it, when a guy tells you they have a step-mom you start to wonder……

The Phillies social media team deleted the tweet. Who cares, they should’ve just left it up and rolled with the jokes for the engagements or got in on the joke themselves. Nothing is off limits these days.

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