Money Talks: Sony Snaps Its Fingers and Spider-Man Has Been Erased From The MCU

For any of my fellow Marvel fans that didn’t hear the depressing news that released yesterday evening, Sony and Marvel have cut ties with each other after failing to reach a new financing deal over the movie rights to the beloved hero and now Spider-Man will no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Oh my god, he’s so sad.


Are we in the galaxy of this sucks camel dicks?? Because this is the worst news that I’ve received since an ex told me that she might be pregnant. Luckily, in that situation it was just a scare and life went back to normal, but NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME AFTER THIS!

Sony must really like fucking up Spider-Man movies once they get to their third installments. The original Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi was a work of cinematic art in its first two installments. William DaFoe was amazing as the Green Goblin and Spider-Man 2 was everything that a superhero movie should be. It barely edges out Spider-Man Far From Home as my favorite Spider-Man movie, and that’s due in large part to the complexity of Doc Oc in that film. But then Sony shat the bed and gave us this deplorable movie….


Don’t forget that this happened too…


How did this movie ever get allowed to hit the big screen? How did anyone in post-production….shit, how did anyone, period, ever think that this would be a cool scene to include? But they still decided to roll with it for Spider-Man 3 and nearly tarnished the memory of how good the first two movies were.

Then Sony decided to give us the Amazing Spider-Man movies.


To be fair though, the first installment of The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t really all that bad. It was actually pretty decent. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn’t as bad as Spider-Man 3, but it still wasn’t really that great of a movie on it’s own either. Andrew Garfield was just too cool to be Peter Parker.

Then Spider-Man was allowed to enter the MCU through a joint agreement made between Sony and Disney that would allow the character and a few of his villains to be used by Disney as long as Sony retained a majority of the profit made from the films. I believe that the agreement that they had in place only allowed Disney to make 5% of the money made while the movie was in theaters. Disney still owns all the rights to merchandising though so it still makes bank by selling Spider-Man gear while Sony didn’t get a touch of that money.

Once Spider-Man was in the hands of Disney, Kevin Feige worked his magic and effortlessly integrated the character into the MCU while making him a staple in the grander cinematic universe’s plot. The character instantly became a huge fan favorite and played a major role in the studio’s last two films, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home, both of which broke records at the box office. Endgame went on to be the highest grossing movie of all-time, while Far From Home ended up becoming Sony’s highest grossing movie of all time.

Apparently though, all that money made from the two films was not enough for the studios as Disney offered to do a 50/50 financing split agreement which would have given Disney access to over 400 characters currently owned by Sony. Sony declined this offer and countered with keeping the current agreement in place to which Disney declined and the two decided to split after that.

What does that mean for Tom Holland and the Web-slinger? Well, since the movie rights were still Sony’s, Tom Holland still has 2 more movies planned on his contract. Sony has confirmed that they are planning on continuing the series with Tom Holland, but the writing and creative planning will no longer be Disney and the MCU. Hopefully, we get something as good as the original two Spider-Man films and not the garbage that Sony has a tendency to put out. Sony’s recent releases of Venom and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse provide some hope that Sony has learned its lesson and can provide a better quality Spider-Man movie this time around.

It most likely still won’t be anywhere near as good as the work the MCU has done to the character in the last few years. Who knows how the MCU will continue on without this iconic character since he was still alive, and maybe not doing so well, in the the latest installment of the MCU. But it looks like the world, and Disney, is on the search again for the next Iron-Man…


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