Can I Be A Full Time Mustache Guy

The other day I was shaving my beard, for those who don’t know I have a beautiful beard, the best! Anyway, I decided to see how the face would look with just the stache.  Well, I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only do I look phenomenal with a mustache but I look pretty good too.  I can’t make this decision alone however, I need some feed back. So tell me, can I be a full time mustache guy?

Now I for one think that is one incredible Italian American man. With a beautiful stache and jawline made out of granite and marble. I am one beautiful bastard. There are a lot of great men with mustaches in the history of this great country.

– Burt Reynolds

– Tom Selleck

– Rollie Fingers

– Eddie Murphy

– Hulk Hogan

– Freddie Murcury

Really the only negative mustache in history is Hitler. He definitely ruined that for a time period. Does it count? Not really, just a tiny little shit stain under his nose, it’s not a man stache like myself and Tom Selleck.

So I have two questions for you folks…

1. Can I rock a full time stache?

2. Who wants a mustache ride?


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