Today In Weird News (Yes It’s Back): Is Putting A Wedding Ring On An Udder Weird?

Nick Ru

A farmer reportedly proposed to his girlfriend by putting an engagement ring on a cow’s udder – but the romantic gesture has been labelled ‘creepy’ by some.

A photo of the ‘magical moment’ has been shared by a woman from Singapore on the prolific Facebookgroup, That’s it I’m Ring Shaming.

It has been inundated with comments from confused and shocked social media users – some also repulsed.

One mocked: “This is UDDERLY terrible. Sorry had to go for it. But really this is gross.

“The ring is a mess of clusters and the band is too thick. Like the person thought how can I made this ring bigger without spending any more money.”

The picture shows the whopper of a rock sparkling around the cow’s udder. – UK Mirror

Yeah, yeah I am back and writing to make Branded sports funny again.  Let’s not make a big deal about it, I’m just trying to win a free trip to the peach bowl due to my tier one status on this site.  Anyway I have some questions about this proposal and this cow and all of the people bashing it.

First I’d like to ask why this is considered so weird? Sure, the ring is ugly and my woman wouldn’t say yes if I gave her that, but these are farmers and farmers are different from you and I.  They like odd things, they enjoy waking up at 3am and working all day, long hard labor.  I don’t understand it but that’s what they do.  This woman probably got down to milk Bertha the cow and nearly fell over with joy the second this $10 piece of junk glistened in her eye.  Hopefully for Farmer John that wasn’t the only thing in her eye that night. (I’m talking facials)

Secondly, I’d like to know if this is now considered a nipple ring? Simple to the point that’s all I’d like to know.

Third, how mad is Peta gonna be?  I know they consider this some kind of cruel an unusual punishment because they already hate the idea of milking cows.  They think its cruel and wrong to pull on a cows udder because we wouldn’t like it as humans. Except broads go nuts when you tug on their nipples so I know that’s a lie.

Lastly, who do you guys think would win in a fight between Chuckles and Joe? I’d like to see this and make sure you demand to see it.

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