The Patriots Receiving Core Looks Incredible


Thomas and Josh Gordon were both seen practicing with the team today, in the span of a week the Patriots went from not having any weapons to having too many guys to throw to. A problem that it never looks like the Pats have but by the end of the season there’s like 3 no name WRs who ends up with 40 catches and we get another parade. With just under 3 weeks until opening night, knock on wood, everything is working out for the Pats.

Edelman, Gordon, Dorsett and Thomas is a terrifying foursome. Obviously this is assuming they all stay healthy and sober, insert Stephen A. Smith gif. I really like N’Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers, I think they both have a shot at being pretty good. I don’t know if they’re future pro bowlers but they are solid Rookies who have the potential to be good starters. This is starting to look like one of the best receiving cores the Pats have had in a long time. That is a lot of WRs especially if you think the Patriots will keep Berrios for special teams so there is the chance not all of these guys make the team but I say go all out, this is one of Bradys last years give him all the weapons.

All of this looks good on paper but the real question will be how do the WRs look by week 5 when Ben Watson makes his return?


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