Congrats Are In Order For DMX Who Proposed To His Fiance On The Same Day They Had Broken Up


Mazel tov to the happy couple! Technically they’ve been engaged for 4 years now but if you keep getting a new diamond engagement ring every 5 months or so who can complain. I’m not sure DMX understands the concept of marriage and thinks that he just has to propose every once in a while for the rest of his life, but it actually seems like it’s working.

DMX and his blushing bride Desiree Linstrom have been together 8 years and were already engaged before this engagement. Earlier that day, Desiree broke up with DMX, took off her existing engagement ring and put it on a necklace. A very clear signal that she is mad but not THAT mad. The father of 15 was inspired by Kobe Bryant’s love story and decided to pile on the rings.

The Dog recommitted to his most recent baby mama, Desiree Lindstrom, this weekend at their son Exodus’ 3rd birthday party at Sky Zone. It’s kinda funny and super sweet … X turned a same-day breakup into a renewed engagement. And, she said yes!!!

Their son Exodus is DMX’s 15th child, and Desiree’s first, so she truly deserves at least 3 engagement rings over the course of their relationship. I can’t imagine dating DMX is a peaceful happy experience.

And at a Sky Zone? I’m sure it was a happy occasion that DMX actually showed up to his kids birthday as I’m sure one of his 14 other children could very well be having a birthday the same day. The probability is high.

As you can see, Desiree is thrilled and emotional, gleefully accepting the proposal from her current fiance and ex boyfriend.  The wearing the ring as a necklace was a surefire sign they were getting back together. DMX knows how it works.



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