Phil Mickelson’s Hotel Was Struck By Lightning And Caught Fire Yesterday

This morning, Phil Mickelson who was preparing for his 4th and final round at the BMW Championship in Medinah Illinois had a rude awakening.

As a storm passed through Chicago overnight into this morning, the nearby Eaglewood Resort and Spa were victims of a severe lightening strike. One strike actually touched down on the hotel, which wound up catching the hotel on fire. The guest were immediately evacuated, one of the guest was none other than the Lefty himself.

Thankfully there were no injuries, however just 90 minutes before his tee time he was without his clubs. (I’m no expert but I hear those are pretty important in the sport)

Lefty followed up the initial tweet with another that praised EMT and gave his fans hope that he would make it and play today.

Of course, he made his tee time in the most common man way ever. Phil has always had the personality of just the average guy, having fun out there and this display proved why America loves him.

I’d say let’s go Phil! but I think he’s down 17 going into this final round, so a win is not happening, but Phil never fails to deliver.


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