Is Texas’ Coach Tom Herman’s Wife Responsible for the Greatest Moment in College Football History?

If you’re living under a rock and not following our content, we are involved in a MASSIVE college football promotion this season with @GameDay_Guide. Basically, each blogger here is assigned to a college football team and if your team balls out, you’re spending New Years Eve at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta . The strip club capital of America. 


My team is Texas. All there needs to be said about Texas is that they are alllll the way back. And Matthew McConaughey.


But, what I forgot about is this story right here:



“Tom Herman has been in the news a bit after disgraced former Ohio State assistant Zach Smith publicly accused him of adultery and made it clear he intended to ruin the Longhorns coach’s life. In a screenshot shared by Smith on Twitter, Herman replied“Ok, Cool. Hook Em” to a lengthy rant from the former OSU wide receivers coach.”


And then,




I mean, this is the greatest off-the-field moment in college football history, right? This is some shit right out of Blue Mountain State. Coach Marty Daniels would absolutely strut into the building with a smoke on his arm wearing a shirt like that. But this isn’t a show that should be put back on Netflix, this is real life. Michelle Herman walked right into the stadium and told Zach Smith to fuck all the way off with that shirt. 



Oh, Texas also kicked the shit out of Iowa State that night by two touchdowns. 


Last college football season sucked, Michelle Herman saved it. 





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