The Dynasty Continues

Team Liquid avoid an upset in Semis and punch their ticket to their 4th consecutive Finals. In a series that most people thought would end in a TL sweep but Clutch pushed it to a 5th game but you can’t teach experience.

Game 1 TL spent the banning phase targeting Huni and it showed, Clutch got destroyed in the first game.

Game 2 Team Liquid used the exact same comp as game 1 and got punished for their cockiness. Of course Clutch is going to make the proper adjustments, it isn’t a fluke that they made it to this series.

Games 3 and 4 were both close games that could’ve went either way but a few mistakes here an awful double tp there and we’re all tied up 2-2 going into a game 5. As the casters are saying they think Clutch should stop banning Sona and that they don’t think Doublelift will play her, he locks it in. As boring as Sona-Taric can be it is very effective. Play safe then win teamfights.

Game 5 was very methodical with not a lot of kills but it wasn’t boring. It was a tense game to watch. Will TL go to their 4th straight finals and continue the dynasty or will Huni and Damonte lead Clutch Gaming over the best team in North America? At times you weren’t sure which way it would go, especially when things like this were happening more frequently than they should have been.

At the end of the day, kings stay kings. It will be a rematch of the 2018 Summer Finals, Team Liquid will face off against Cloud 9. Team Liquid has the MVP, Coach of the Split and 4 players off of the All-Pro Team. C9 has the 5th All-Pro Player in Svenskeren but they have a lot of question marks. Will Sneaky or Deftly start at ADC? Will they play Blaber over Sven and how will he perform? Can Licorice and Nisqy outplay Impact and Jensen? A lot of questions but we will find out soon enough.





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