The Black Hole In The Center Of Our Universe Is Behaving Oddly


In all honesty it’s pretty perplexing to think that our own Milky Way Galaxy has a super massive black hole in the center of it. Humans have always found the study of space and the Cosmos to be enthralling, so much is unknown and it’s globally the biggest question mark for society. Even then wrapping you’re head around the fact that a black hole that can suck our planet down the hatch quicker than Lana Rhoades is a bit terrifying.


Waking up? Swallowing a planet? Who knows, clearly researchers don’t as they tell us that “more observations” are needed. Something triggering a light occurrence brighter than anything we’ve seen is obviously concerning, but there’s really nothing we can do about it but sit back and “enjoy the fireworks”.

Inevitably this constellation drain is going to lead to the end of our existence, but undoubtedly it’s nothing that will happen for billions of years. So until then we can only wonder what caused this to take place.

This also “technically” happened about 27,000 years ago and we’re just able to see it now with our telescopes. Whatever.


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