Example 78127256 Why The Little League World Series Stinks

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Ugh, can’t stand the little league world series. Just stinks out loud. Watching children try and play a sport at an elite level is so boring. You see Bryce Harper’s walk off grand slam last night? You put little Timmy up there and he’s not even going to get the bat on the ball. And if he did it would snap his little baby arms like a twig. Anyway, so the LLWS has started and it’s on ESPN all day everyday from now until Christmas. With that much coverage they have to interview everyone, even one “player’s” younger sister and listen to this advice.

What a loser mentality. If he strikes outs it’s ok? They handing out runs for striking out now? No? Then GTFOH with that nonsense. No way this kid will ever make it to the bigs when the family motto is “awww you tried your best and that’s ok.” Joe Jackson would never let that shit fly and have you seen Joe’s track record? Winner after winner. Give Joe the parenting lifetime achievement award. If he wanted Michael to play baseball he would have been Barry Bonds. We need more Joe Jacksons and less of this type of supportive mother

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