Branded Sports Hosts Rigged Contest

If you’ve been following Branded Sports’ chance to go to the College football Playoff at the Peach Bowl; you would’ve heard that they teamed up with Game Day Guide to Offer two people the chance to win an all expenses paid trip. They’ve hyped this up for a week and this last evening they announced that they were going to pull names out of a hat. Except not really. Two hats. Because some of their writers and the chance for a fan to go are actually second class citizens in CEO Joe’s eyes. So really not an equal chance for everybody. Then I find out I’m one of the second class citizens.

I won’t out CEO Joe’s click secrets but I will say I’m offended that dudes with 1/3 the clicks I’ve gotten his Dave Portnoy’ Cock loving ass are Tier 1 and I’m tier two. Joe says I haven’t been active enough while I’ve been away from blogging for a family emergency I’ve been dealing with. I cry foul, for the fans and my fellow Tier Two crowd I’m calling foul on CEO Joe and his rigged favoritism bullshit.

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