Do People Really Not Like The Preseason?

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog last Thursday and I’m not revising anything because I’m a God damn icon who doesn’t relent to time sensitive pressure.

Okay, so it’s Thursday and I just spent roughly two hours stuck behind this woman at the local gas station.

There’s literally nothing worse than when the person in front of you in line at the register does that weird lean over the counter—that’s the tell tale sign he/she plans on spending the next 45 minutes indecisively scanning the scratch ticket selection.

News flash: they’re all based on chance, just fucking pick one and go…

But it’s whatever because the Patriots play tonight… or so I thought until I checked the schedule and dropped my head like a dog being chastized for wetting the carpet.

For the record, one of the few reasons I haven’t gone through with killing myself yet is football season. There’s honestly nothing better than waking up on Sunday in November to a crisp breeze, the scraping of swirling leaves across backroads, and an 8-hour slate of RedZone.

With that said, I understand the preseason doesn’t provide the same rush, but it’s still NFL football. It’s still a reason to drink and talk shop, which is why I don’t understand why seemingly no one gives a fuck. Everyone I’ve talked to is like “Who gives a fuck, it’s preseason” but I can’t get behind that. If you’re starving for a full sandwich and someone offers you a piece of it, you don’t turn it down.

Careers are made or broken around this time. One play could be the difference between a guy becoming a decade-long starter in this league or the guy who dries off your Acura in the car wash parking lot.

Think of a guy like Malcolm Butler. Dude didn’t play a lick in the 2013 regular season. He was a fringe guy, which meant one play in preseason could’ve been the difference between him staying on that roster or backpacking into obscurity. Turns out he did enough, and we all know what happened after his name was called…

Besides, it’s not like the product is horrible. This isn’t spring football in college where you still have awkward, 18-year-old freshman blowing coverage schemes and still trying to figure out how their body works; these guys are all NFL caliber players, and most of them would literally claw a teammate’s eye out for a roster spot. Those are the guys I want to see compete.

So yeah, the Pats play Saturday and you’re damn right I’m going to throw on my Marcus Cannon jersey and get loaded for the game. Life is short, enjoy the little things…

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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