Dennis Rodman Is Aggressively Flirting With Lil Nas X On Instagram

When I saw the dates on some of these comments I was flabbergasted. How has this very serious situation between Dennis Rodman and Lil Nas X gone under my radar? I know Lil Nas is all about a thirst trap, but I don’t think he was setting the trap for Dennis Rodman.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.24.37 PM.png

Supporting Lil Nas X has been all the rage in Hollywood. Everyone wants to be featured on the next remix or at least get introduced to Mason Ramsey so they are figuratively sucking his dick. Dennis Rodman is taking it a little too literal and I kind of think we might need to intervene. The eggplant emoji has to be grounds for a lawsuit in 2019. He’s practically screaming for help in his reply. lmfaooooo with the 5 o’s is the signal for rescue.

But now it seems Lil Nas X can’t even thirst trap in peace because Dennis Rodman has brought his horse to the comment section.


I don’t even know what that comment means but the emoji accompanying this one tells me it’s not what Lil Nas X is looking for. It’s definitely in the most frequently used emoji’s section for Dennis Rodman.


Reminder Dennis Rodman is 58 and Lil Nas X is 20. I don’t care how badly Dennis Rodman wants to stay relevant don’t prey on our pure innocent Lil Nas X. This seemed to be the tweet that opened the Rodman floodgates.


He appears to be like Beetlejuice. When you mention his name, he shows up. And then he never fucking leaves.


Lil Nas X drop a 5 o “lmfaooooo” if you need us to alert the authorities.


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