The NBA Released the 2019-20 Schedule

NBA put out their schedule today lets not waste any time and just go over all the notable dates.

Opening Night will be October 22 and it will be a double header on TNT. The #1 Overall Pick Zion Williamson is traveling over the border to face the defending Champs with the Battle of LA being played right after that game ends.

Wednesday October 23 begins with the only rivalry in the Eastern Conference worth talking about. The Boston Celtics are traveling to (scumbag) Philadelphia to face Embiid, Simmons and former teammate Al Horford. Two potential playoff contenders will face off after that one with Denver traveling to Portland. I would say Denver should be the home team because they’ve earned that in my opinion but thats why the NBA banned me from participating in the schedule making.

Thursday is Milwaukee vs Houston and I think they really missed an opportunity to have Houston open up the season vs either OKC since the Russ trade, LA Clippers because two contenders and Russ and PG were just teammates or Hou and GS because that has been a rivalry for the past few seasons. Instead we get the reigning MVP vs the man he beat out for the trophy which is cool i guess. After that is Clippers vs GS which will be a good game but I was hoping for a better story line in the first few days of the season.

Christmas Day looks very promising. Boston in Toronto should be a good game, as a Celtics fan I can recognize that Toronto has played us very well the last couple of years and I know they’re still a solid team and the defending champs but I could see this being a potentially big win for the boys in green. Following that will be Bucks at 76ers in what I could potentially see being the two teams that are in the ECF this year, on paper they are the two top teams in the East and I know Philly fans have been saying how the 76ers have been the better team this whole time. Well, time to nut up. Houston vs GSW at the new arena in San Francisco should be two of the top teams in the West facing off. Like i mentioned earlier I was hoping this was an opening night game but Christmas will do. Next on the docket is the Battle of LA part dos. Can’t have much of an opinion on this game without knowing the outcome but it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the LA teams get two of the biggest nights of the year in the basketball world. Last and probably least the Pelicans will be facing off vs the Nuggets in a game that is only happening because of the hype surrounding Zion. Hopefully he isn’t sitting this game out due to all of the food he’s going to be eating in New Orleans.

The last notable night is MLK Jr. Day. There will be 4 games played starting with the Raptors traveling to Atlanta in what should be an ass kicking. Followed by another game for the league to show Zion on a big stage. The last two games are what matters. Lakers vs Celtics. The oldest rivalry in the entire league. East vs West. This should be a great game, the rivalry has been dead for awhile because one of the teams would just be bad, for the most part it was the Lakers. I hope I can get a friendly wager going with my pal and fellow blogger Ali who happens to be a Lakers fan. Last game will be a rematch of last years Western Conference Finals and I think has the potential to be a real shootout.

I was very surprised to see that the Nets don’t have a big day game but I would chock that up to KD being out for the year, they’ll for sure have at least a Christmas Day game next season. The Pelicans getting so much attention is annoying because I would rather see a better team in those slots but I get the want/need to push Zion as hard as possible. He might be their next golden goose.



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