Rhys Hoskins has been a Massive Dissapointment


The words “disappointment”, “overrated”, and “underperforming” have been thrown around quite a bit with the 2019 Phillies. In a season where a ton of anger has been directed at guys like Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto and Gabe Kapler, I have found my biggest frustration to lie with an OG in the Phillies organization: Rhys Hoskins.



After exploding onto the scene for the Phils in 2017, pretty much every fan, analyst, and reporter has agreed on the fact that Hoskins is a franchise star. His raw power and natural gift for hitting hadn’t been seen in the Philly farm system since Ryan Howard, and his marketability was comparable to anyone in the MLB not named Bryce Harper. The Phillies rebuild was essentially based around surrounding Rhys with elite talent, and for good reason. The entire city of Philadelphia was salivating at the idea of Hoskins batting behind Harper, a position that should yield 120+ RBIs and tons of homers. So what the hell happened?


Post All-Star Break: .186/.336/.382

Last 15 Games: .125/.279/.321

Last 7 Games: .083/.313/.125


(batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage)


Yep, those are actual real life stats for Rhys Hoskins. I’ve watched pretty much every Phillies game this season and even I find it hard to believe that things have gotten so bad for our first basemen recently. He’s apparently lost the ability to hit the baseball, his defense has been below average (7 errors), and he’s become so obsessed with drawing walks this year (league leading 90) that Kaper was forced to move him out of the cleanup spot. In a year where “power hitters” are excelling at a historic rate, Hoskins has seemingly been left behind, and it’s directly hurting our Phillies.


I’m absolutely not giving up on Rhys, it would be insane to write off a 26 year old in just his second full MLB season. However, things obviously have to change if he ever wants to live up to his expectations. The biggest adjustment he has to make is simply swinging the bat way more. In a year where he’s seen a regression in pretty much every offensive stat, the one category he’s improved in is on-base percentage (.385 in 2019 compared to .354 in 2018). While I love a good battle for a walk once in awhile, Hoskins needs to start hacking the bat on some fastballs if he ever wants to get back to being an elite slugger.


I’d also reallyyy love to see some tenacity from the Philly infielder. Too many times have I seen Hoskins just trot to first after taking a pitch to the head, or smiling and giggling with the opposition over at first. This is Rhys’ team, he’s the leader whether he likes it or not. He has to start acting like one.


Rhys Hoskins has been the biggest disappointment of the 2019 Phillies for me personally, but I still believe deep down he has it in him to be a top player in the MLB. Overall his stats are still way above a good portion of the league’s (69 RBIs is really freaking good), but he could/should be doing way more. Early in the season we all saw the potential damage he can do batting 4th behind Harp, let’s get the kid some proper coaching and watch the greatness ensue…



Twitter: @phillyinsider99

-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider


~stats via MLB.com and baseball-reference.com~

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