Lenny Dykstra Is Going To Go To Jail For Murder


TMZ Lenny Dykstra is fighting Bagel Boss Guy… yes, the baseball legend inked a deal to box the guy who lost his mind in a NY bagel shop.

We broke the story, Bagel Boss Guy — aka Chris Morgan — signed a deal to fight in Damon Feldman‘s Celebrity Boxing promotion … only question was, who was he gonna fight?

Now we know … 56-year-old 3x-MLB All-Star and World Series champ Lenny Dykstra.

We’re told Lenny agreed to a deal and signed the contract on Friday (he’ll be paid a fixed amount of money for the fight) … and will begin training immediately for the September 7 bout in Atlantic City, NJ

And Joey Boats says I’m on the hot seat? I’m out here blogging the top stories on the internet while he’s probably taking a dump while working on his next rap album. So Lenny Dykstra is going to fight the Bagel Boss and this will end with the Boss man dead. Dykstra will kill this man. Lenny is 5’10”, not a giant human but compared to little foot Chris Morgan, he might as well be Dikembe Mutombo. Also not sure if Bagel Boss has ever google’d Dykstra’s name before. He is a certified psycho. He’s the type of guy that you just stay away from. He’ll knock you out and then try to eat you. So RIP Bagel Boss. If this fight gets sanctioned he’s as good as dead.

PS: You’re welcome Boats, probably going to boost the clicks big time today.

Featured Image: TMZ Sports

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