Gambling Website Throws Shade At Eagles Fans, Forgets To Delete Problematic Tweet

Taking shots at us Eagles fans is something other fan bases can’t help themselves from doing. Like a moth to a flame. So it’s no surprise that some shitty gambling website would take a shot at Philadelphia after a preseason game.

First off, hysterical that they would pin that tweet. Their site is trying to be an actual gambling blog. Provide news around betting along with strategies and picks. Imagine trying to be a legit informational site and pinning an video of a guy being beaten up. You’re not Branded, we can get away with that, you guys should pull it back a bit. But hey, to each their own.

Secondly, from other tweets it sounds like this has nothing to do with Eagles fans jumping a Tennessee fan. It sounds like this was a random dude that was drunk and messed with other drunk ass holes. I’m not condoning jumping people or even fighting in general. Go to an NFL game and have a good time with your buddies. Some idiot is drunk and starts talk shit to you and your girl like this guy. Just walk away not worth getting arrested over.

But like they say, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. So everyone went with the narrative that this guy was a Titans fan and he was jumped after the game because the Eagles lost. I’m sure after Tampa Bay came into Philly and broke our hearts in the NFC Championship there were some frustrated fists thrown. But a week 1 PRESEASON game, no shot. Read the headlines from Deadspin and 12up or up12 I honestly don’t know. Brushed it all off as whatever, not the first time, not the last time. But this Wager Street caught my eye.

An account that basically sends out picks every day all of a sudden wants to jump in the mud? Wild turn of events. So whatever I’ll take a peak at them and in two seconds of looking……..


Damn. “A Jew” and “A Black” yikes. Tough tough look. I think though the worst part about this tweet, it was sent 9:28 in the morning…..on a Monday. Imagine starting your work week with this type of hate just rattling around in your brain. Feel bad for the guy or gal. Clearly in desperate need of a hug or a short vacation. So anyway yeah, check out Wager Street for up to the minute lines, odds and passive aggressive tweets about minorities I guess.

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