The Twitch vs Ninja Saga Continues

If you weren’t already aware Ninja is a huge streamer who mainly plays Fortnite and he recently made a deal with Mixer to stream exclusively on their website and leave Twitch. You can click here to see more details on him switching platforms. We are a little over a week since the switch happened and apparently there has been drama.

Twitch have been promoting other channels on Ninjas channel including a channel who was streaming porn to 20k people under the Fortnite category. Obviously the porn Part was unintentional but this is still a first after a streamer leaves Twitch. In an already petty move Twitch removed Ninjas partnership the day he made his announcement saying they didn’t want people to be confused and subscribe to him, which would be letting Ninja continue to profit off of the channel, when he won’t be streaming there anymore.

This is the first time anyone of this size has made a switch to a different streaming site and without a doubt the first time it was done this public. I mean Ninja prerecorded a press conference for god sake.

The least shocking thing in the world is Twitch handling something poorly. As someone who frequently uses their site and for as great of a platform it is, they can’t seem to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

As of twenty minutes ago Twitch has stopped promoting other channels on Ninjas page and everything seems civil for now.

Ninja isn’t just a a streamer with a large and loyal following but he is friends with all of the top streamers. Twitch needs to either play nice or go full heel. I think either way of Microsoft wants to cut a few more checks I could see a couple big names following Ninja.


Update: here’s a screenshot of the porn that was being promoted.

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