The Battle For The Peach Bowl Brought To You By Game Day Guide

We are pumped to announce that Branded has teamed up with the guys over at Game Day Guide for a season long battle for the Peach Bowl.  Before we break down the details of the contest and how you might find yourself in Atlanta, who is GDG?

They work with athletic organizations all over the country and one of the most respected coach companies in America to provide you the opportunity to travel to and from select away games as well as the ticket to go to the game. It is all wrapped into one affordable cost and with one click you cover all the needs to successfully support your team at a home away from home. Basically they are going to make going to your favorite team’s away game easier than it’s ever been.

So how will this battle for the Peach Bowl work? Each blogger at Branded will be randomly assigned one of the top 14 ranked college football teams in the country. All season long they will be following along with the action in hopes that their team makes the CFB playoffs. Whomever’s teams play in the Peach Bowl, those two bloggers will be heading down to Atlanta to cover the game and festivities all weekend. Flight, hotel and game day tickets courtesy of the amazing Game Day Guide crew!

Now you might be thinking, why only 14? That’s because we’re saving that 15th spot for you, the readers. If the team we assign to the fans makes it to the Peach Bowl, than one random follower of both Branded and GDG will be going to the game. Flight, hotel and ticket all covered. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t follow us. We give away Eagles tickets, merch, Phillies tickets and now a chance to go to a CFB playoff game.

So you need to do the following:

  1. Go follow GDG on twitter asap
  2. Be on the look out next week for our live random team drawing video. We will be doing via periscope on twitter. You’ll want to check that out to see not only which blogger is going to be rocking your team this season but also which team is going to be giving you a chance to get to Atlanta.
  3. Use the hashtag #Battle4ThePeach to check out all the Branded and GDG content this season


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