Is This Most Ratio’d Tweet Ever?

Everyone knows white people love nothing more than dogs so if you’re going to be on the internet you gotta make sure you aren’t beating your dog in a YouTube video. Brooke chose not to do that. If you missed it, Brooke here is a pretty good sized YouTuber who makes videos with her dog. In her most recent upload she wasn’t careful and uploaded the unedited video which included her pushing, hitting and spitting on her dog. Video of her and the dog.

She says this was out of character for her and not usual. She was just having a bad couple of days and the dog was, well the dog was kind of just acting like a dog. I do love in her apology, which was 4 note pages I mean come on that’s a little wordy Brooke, that she didn’t want to pull the “victim card” but then pulled the victim card. Also, Brooke you’re not a victim, no one thought you were about to pull the victim card and somehow you still did it. Impressive honestly.

This isn’t even about her or how she was treating her dog it is about the ratio. Every tweeters worst nightmare is saying something so dumb that you get ratiod and Brooke, oh Brooke got it worst than I’ve ever seen.


I’ve been looking for a more ratiod tweet and I honestly can’t find it. I have had some people send me examples of tweets with more replies but that isn’t what its about. I know there are tweets with more replies but those tweets have a couple million RTs. This.. oh man this is one of a kind.

Perfect example.

This tweet has over 300k replies BUT it has 4 million RTs so there is no ratio to talk about. I tried looking at Trumps tweets because I can only imagine what his mentions look like and even when he says some dumb shit and gets 60k replies he has 20k RTs.

I am throwing out the bat signal. I have scoured the internet for a more ratiod tweet and haven’t come close so I need your help. I ask the losers online similar to myself to do what I have failed to do and find me the holy grail of ratios. As a collective we need to determine who is King or Queen of shitty tweets. I need you guys.

Also, H3H3 offering to buy this girls dog is super funny to me for some reason.


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