What Nate Sudfield’s Injury Means for the Eagles


I really hate the NFL preseason. Like really, reallyyyy hate it. In typical Philadelphia sports fashion our Eagles lasted no more than 1.5 quarters of irrelevant August football before someone went down with a serious injury. The unfortunate victim this time? Standout backup QB Nate Sudfield.


Sudfield is an above average quarterback. I could list you a ton of in-depth stats and analytics proving this but if you’re an Eagles fan you’ve probably known this for awhile. Nate could easily go and compete for a starting job on 10-15 different NFL teams. Having him as a backup coming into 2019/2020 was a luxury, losing him this early on is a significant blow.


Nate was hit hard in the second quarter, using his non-throwing arm to brace himself which immediately bent in an odd way. You could tell he was in severe pain, instantly clutching his wrist and requiring an air cast. Nate left the game via an injury cart and did not return. All very bad signs pointing to a serious injury of sorts.


In a perfect world, Carson Wentz plays all 16 games this year and we never even need to think about a backup. However, we all know this is somewhat wishful thinking, one awkward landing and we could be turning this team over to Cody Kessler (yikes) or Clayton Thorson (double yikes).


We received an official diagnosis on Nate around 11:10 PM, revealing that he did in fact break his wrist. Multiple sources reported he underwent surgery Friday morning and should NOT miss the entire season. I initially wrote that I wouldn’t be surprised if Howie started searching around for another potential backup QB, however after Adam Schefter reported Nate is expected to only miss around 6 weeks, that pretty much ends any talk of that. This pins Sudfield for a Week 3/4 return, and he should be 100% by the end of the season which would be when we’d *potentially* need him. Overall good news all things considered.


I hate injuries and I hate them even more when they happen in pointless summer games. I’m gutted for Nate because he’s a great guy who I’m sure was looking forward to shining this preseason. Below I’ve attached both a video of the injury (be warned it’s not a pleasant sight), and a video of Sudfield’s beautiful 75 yard TD pass to Marken Michel. 


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-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider

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