Rapper Blueface, The Man Behind Thotiana, Says He Has Had Sex With 1,000 Women In The Last 6 Months

First things first–let’s dissect the math here. 1,000 different women in 6 months is an average of 166 women per month. With about 30 days in a regular ass month, that’s over 5 women a day. Blueface says he has mixed in a few orgy’s, with as many as 4 other women at once. Even with a 5some every single day, plus 1 other this number seems unreachable. Not to doubt the prolific mind behind “Thotiana”, but maybe he is exaggerating just a little bit (hopefully).

A 5 person orgy seems like it would take a lot out of one person physically, especially if you are the only guy. I don’t need to know logistically what the other girls are doing when not the center of the action, but even at 22 that is some impressive stamina. And then to be able to throw in another one or two during brunch or something?

Even someone as energetic as Blueface has to have a few off days in 6 months. Some days where he’s got a horrible calf cramp (we all get them), or just on a 16 hour flight somewhere to sing Thotiana 3 times in a club and leave. A few days here and there where he just about gets 1-2 in. That means to average 5-6 per day he’d have to have some days of 10-15 to make up for the slow days. I’m skeptical all around, especially since he proclaimed in January he was done fucking his “fans”.

Last but not least, after having his fun early on, he has officially sworn off fornicating with female supporters. Or, in his words: No more fan fucking.”

Now Blueface is a self proclaimed “fucker”, another lyrical Mona Lisa, but no one with that many tattoos on their face should be inside that many women. We need to be better than that ladies. Not only that but what the fuck is this trash? At least fuck someone that can catch a beat.


It’s got to be earth shattering to be one of the 1,000 women that have had sex with Blueface in the last 6 months seeing this video on Twitter. Sure, we know he’s a fucker, but those are some My Strange Addiction type numbers. This is how the plague starts. Swapping bodily fluids with that many different strains of DNA in such a short period of time is just not sanitary. Is Blueface taking a shower after every single one? If he was even remotely an upstanding citizen he’d just stay in the shower all day and wait for them to come to him, no pun intended.

In 3-9 months we can fully expect a Blueface baby boom. Up until this point he only has one confirmed son and before getting into rap he was apparently a stay at home dad. The cover art for one of his more romantic songs, “Put It In Her Face”, was just an actual dick pic from Blueface himself. He’s not shy about his priorities in life:

The following quote, from an interview with SLAP Media, says it all: “It’s only two things a n*gga care about: my dick and my son.”


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