Is Kendrick Perkins the Worst Person on the Internet Right Now?


This  NBA offseason has been chaotic (in a good way) but something has been grinding my gears the entire time: Kendrick Perkins’ Twitter account. 



He’s one of those people who you don’t follow, but their tweets appear on your timeline anyway, due to their absurdity. Yesterday, he said something that put my irrational hate for his takes over the top. Then, the entire internet joined in for something COMPLETELY different.



Let’s breakdown the actions of this D-list analyst for ESPN who is only notable because he was able to give a team 7 rebounds a night a decade ago. 


Example A: The KD vs the Warriors Theory

This has been the one that has the internet hopping and has the masses attacking Perkins. He has been championing the theory that the Warriors FORCED Kevin Durant to come back during the NBA Finals when they fell down 3-1. (For the record, Warriors hate will be a common theme from him). Kendrick Perkins believes that Golden State rushed Durant back, and in the process, caused him to tear his Achilles tendon. Yesterday, in an interview with Yahoo Sports, Durant shot down that theory. Not only did he shoot it down, he did so EMPHATICALLY saying, “Hell no, How can you blame [the Warriors]? Hell, no…right when the series started, I targeted Game 5”. After the theory was debunked, Kendrick took to Twitter to subtweet during stating, “One thing I can’t be is FAKE!” Childish.


Example B: The “Rich Paul Rule” Analogy


I get what he was trying to do, but this is what grinded my gears yesterday. On top of making zero sense, it tapped into the laziest take in the book: athletes believing that because they played the game, they know more about the game. His point was, if agents have to be college educated, then GM’s should be former players. Obviously the two don’t go hand in hand and most (all) GM’s have extensive schooling and NBA Front Office experience. That pretty much supports the argument FOR college education for agents. Instead of helping Rich Paul, this stupid analogy hurts him. Kendrick Perkins absolutely believes that former players know more than the common man, therefore should get NBA front office jobs. Hey, totally unrelated but loved Kemba’s story yesterday of getting low-balled by the Hornets and them replacing him with Terry Rozier! Great work, MJ!


Example C: The War With Steve Kerr

Warriors hate. Nothing but Warriors hate. A few weeks ago, Steve Kerr was in the mud for comments he made on Anthony Davis sitting out and how he thought that was bad for the league. A ton of people ragged on him, but I’m sure you can guess who was the loudest. My favorite part of the tirade is Perkins stating Kerr was not a good coach because Luke Walton took over and went 20-1 while Kerr was having back issues. He is also a Mark Jackson truther. Enough said.


Example D: Ripping David Griffin in an Endless Quest to Defend Lebron

David Griffin was just the most recent enemy of the week for Lebron James. Griffin, the head of operations for the Cavs during Lebron’s second tenure, called growing a team around James, “inorganic”. His statement was entirely correct, they blew through the salary cap into the luxury tax in an effort to “win now” and then plateaued. But, this didn’t stop Kendrick Perkins to step up and fight another battle for Lebron. He stated that Griffin only has credibility as an NBA GM because he was in the Cleveland front office while Lebron was playing.


Example E: Trying to Play Woj During the Kawhi Sweepstakes

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Everyone had a “reliable source” and everyone was wrong.


Kendrick Perkins is a product of the new generation of “analysts” in the social media age. It no longer matters whether your opinions are supported by facts or reason. Instead, the people who garner the most attention are those who spew the most outrageous takes in the loudest way possible. Obnoxious. Misinformed. Kendrick Perkins.


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