Pat McAfee, retired NFL Punter Is Back On The Radio In A Huge Way

Pat McAfee, retired NFL Punter, WWE personality and former Barstool employee is getting his own national radio show.

Pat was known for his big leg and undeniable personality on the field while he played for 8 seasons. His hit against Trindon Holliday will go down as one of the biggest hits in NFL history.

After retiring Pat joined Barstool Sports in a huge announcement, he brought his Heartland Team along with him as well as two podcast, The Pat McAfee Show, and Heartland Radio. When Barstool gained their own Sirius XM channel, it was obvious that Par would get his own show.

A 3-hour show, stacked with huge guest, and common man banter left the audience entertained and satisfied getting a glimpse in to the NFL world.

Soon after departing Barstool, he signed a WWE contract to do live events as well as streamed watch parties. Pat was stellar in these roles and continues to rise the ranks of the WWE.

If that wasn’t enough, just last month he was signed by ESPN, to do commentary on their prime time college football games., something he dabbled in last season too big time raves.

Now, almost a year after departing Barstool and leaving his daily radio show. He’s back.

via @PatMcafeeShow

Two hours, every day. Staring this fall on West Wood Sports while also being simulcast on the contact sports app DAZN.

This is huge news for the sports world, Pat and his Heartland guys are all over the place, and we are 100% here for it.


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