Disney’s Reboot of Home Alone is an AWFUL Idea.


Home Alone is the first movie I watch every single Christmas season. I then go on to watch it probably 25 more times during December. Even if I’m not sitting down to watch it I like to have it on in the background while I’m doing other crap.

Maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s the connection to my childhood. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a god damn classic.

There is NO reason to reboot a classic… I mean RUIN a classic. But, apparently Disney is having trouble coming up with any new movies and they are trying to reboot another one of us 90’s kids favorites.

Home Alone.

OK, I am pissed off.

Why? There is no reason. Just watch the actual movie, then… Hell, watch Kevin get lost in New York.

All of the Home Alone’s after II were terrible and I guarantee this will be a shit bomb too.

There is no chance of improving on the first movie because it is simply perfect. Are you going to find a better Kevin?

Gif – Giphy

Are you going to find a better duo for The Wet Bandits?

GIF – Giphy

Stop it.

Buzz’s girlfriend….

GIF – Tenor


A better house….


They need to make this movie to appeal to younger generations??

What they can’t watch it because his mom has to use a pay phone to call home??

There is noway you can make Home Alone in 2019 with cell phones, kid tracking devices, ring door bells and shit! STOP.

If Disney proceeds with this I will be on a full out Disney boycott.

Leave the McAllister’s be. Sometimes a “good idea” is simply awful.


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