Cross Dressing Drug Dealer Found Dead Days After Botched Prison Escape

(CNN)  A Brazilian inmate, who went viral around the world for his attempt to escape prison disguised as his daughter, was found dead in his cell on Tuesday. 

Prison officials told CNN that Clauvino da Silva, 42, appeared to have taken his own life. He was serving a 73 year sentence for drug dealing.

In a story that would make the writers of Narcos blush, this drug dealing Brazilian tried to escape out of a federal prison by dressing as a little girl. Historically corrupt and unavoidably dangerous you can’t blame the guy for trying to escape, no matter how absurd his plan was.

I doubt even Dwight Howard would fall for this disguise.

Today we find out that this man ultimately decided to take his own life rather than be inside that prison. I’m not going to bash the guy, but it does bring up a scary reality of prisons outside of America.

Locked up Abroad is a prime example why I’m content with staying right here in America.

via NatGeo

Beautiful tropical beaches? Pass.

Mediocre lakes in the Mid-West? Sign me up.


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August 7, 2019 12:38 pm

This story creeps me out lol