Why Is Everyone Tweeting About 30-50 Feral Hogs?

If you’ve logged on twitter at any point over the last 48 hours you have most certainly seen someone talking about 30-50 feral hogs. The only logical question is, but why? The answer is pretty simple actually…..kinda. It all started with this dude, Jason Isbell responding to the mass shootings with the tweet below.

Billy McNabb (most likely throws a better ball than Donovan) tossed out this question. And apparently in Arkansas this is, indeed, a very legit question. GQ actually reached out to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission to learn more about the hogs.

Keith Stephens, a spokesperson for the commission, kindly answered my questions via email. For starters, groups of feral hogs are known as sounders, though it’s unlikely that sounders are comprised of 30-50 hogs. “I guess it’s possible, but that’s very large,” Stephens said. “The typical size we see is usually less than 20.”

They do carry a risk, to be sure. “Mostly they destroy residential yards, agricultural crops, native habitat and ecosystems,” he explained. “They’ve also been known to destroy cultural and historical sites such as cemeteries. They can carry diseases such as swine brucellosis and pseudorabies.”

This is peak internet though. One random guy from rural America tweets about hogs and that’s all anyone can talk about. I love twitter, it’s the greatest place on Earth. Everyone is funny, entertaining and mean at the same time. Never change internet. Never change.

Featured Image: Critical Hit

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