The NBA All Decade Teams Are Causing A Stir On The Internet


The 10’s are officially over in basketball terms so the illustrious NBA media gets to decide their completely nonpartisan opinions about the greatest players of this decade. A panel of and NBA TV producers and analysts got to decide their all-decade first, second and third teams. Two backcourt players and three frontcourt players.

I know you’re expecting me to write a 3,000 word blog on why Kobe is being completely disrespected only making the third team all-decade. Many of that community are on Twitter fighting that fight for me. Kobe’s last championship was in 2010. He tore his achilles in 2013. For only being Kobe for 3 years of the 10, 3rd team feels OK. Have to put him in the front of the picture though. That I would have been mad about.

On first look I don’t have too many problems with the all-decade first team. Lebron, Steph, KD, Harden and Kawhi are unanimously the best 5 players of the last 10 years. You cannot make any sane argument to take one of them out and add anyone else. You can switch around the order but they pretty much nailed that.

The second team is where it starts to get a little dicey. I guess when the decade is very top heavy, you think you can throw in a picture of Carmelo and people won’t notice.

Dirk is somewhere on his couch in Germany using a VPN to read this list doing a Kawhi laugh.

Spoiler alert but if you’ve got Lamarcus Aldridge on the all-decade third team, something has gone wrong.

Blake Griffin is good, the reining Blake of The Year, and I like him in a dunk contest in his prime but 2nd team all decade? I don’t know if I’m ready to declare it. 2nd team all-Kendall Jenner for sure.

As a Lakers fan I hope Anthony Davis is on the first team of the 2020’s. No one watched nearly enough Pelicans games in the 2010’s to not be mad about this pick.

I don’t want Chris Paul to learn about this list. Neither do the Thunder. Good luck getting him to pass the ball when he knows he’s all-decade second team.

Something about seeing Kobe and DWade on a third team all-anything, but putting Lamarcus Aldridge next to the two of them just doesn’t look right. Giannis is just becoming GREAT great, and it’s 2019. Paul George has to be one of the worst playoff players of all time. Even though I don’t think any of them belong on the same list, I don’t even know who I’d rank higher.


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