BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady Is Heading To New York

Holy shit!! Just your casual Tuesday and then BAM! The greatest quarterback of all time says he’s leaving the only city he’s ever known.

“NY Post: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are one step closer to bidding good-bye to Beantown.

Last week, The Post exclusively reported that the Patriots quarterback and Brazilian supermodel were searching for homes in Alpine, NJ, and Greenwich, Conn. — affluent suburbs of New York City.

Now they’ve put their Brookline, Mass., mansion on the market for an eye-popping $39.5 million.

All signs point to the power couple ditching Boston for New York.”

Hate to see it. This week is just one L after another for Boston. MarkyMark is heading to Dallas to become a Cowboys fan (gross) and now Tom Brady is off to New York. Pray for Boston please. This is the first step to them going back to the dark ages. No more Super Bowls, no more parades and no more kids that have seen more championships than birthdays. Welcome back to Earth Boston.

Featured Image: Scoopnest

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