This List STINKS

There’s a few things I wanted and could’ve blogged about today and honestly I wasn’t going to do any writing today. Wasn’t feeling it (don’t tell CEO Joe please). Then I saw this list and after being mad about it for hours I’ve decided to give us somewhere to be mad together.

The Brew Podcast posted the list in question this morning, I’ve never heard of them and it seems to be a smaller podcast which makes me think a bit differently about all of this but I’ll get to that later.

The issue I have with the list is this is very clearly the creators personal favorites potentially mixed with some recency bias/trolling. You either put Joe Budden at 3 because of what he has done in the media the last few years, which has nothing to do with the list so should be excluded, or because you trolling. If a couple of guys who do a podcast wanted to go viral and made this list intentionally bad I have no issue and I commend you. Seeing that they’re from Ohio I highly doubt that is the case. It is a well known internet fact that people from Ohio usually have double digit IQs.

The list is so clearly bias towards an early 90s sound it’s wild.

This is a list made by the “lyrical miracle spherical” rap fan. Whoever made this list 100% say they only like “real rap”. All of the white people who agree with this list at one point in time owned a Cookie Monster fitted hat that didn’t fit. If you like this list you were also rooting for Billy Zabka and you didn’t need to google the reference.

Heres 10(ish) names who weren’t on the list that might not all belong on there but the discussion needs to be had.

In no order: Kanye West, Ja Rule, Gucci Mane, almost all of Wu Tang, NWA, Run DMC, MAC Miller, Bone Thugs and Harmony and lets not forget about Soulja Boy.

You’re crazy if you think on the next episode of BLP we won’t be making an actual list.


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