Mark Wahlburg Is Officially Canceled

This is tough to write for me, Mark is a hero of mine. He’s an absolute specimen and any man that says they don’t want to look like Marky Mark are liars. But after this bullshit he’s canceled.

Tough day for Boston sports. Enes Kanter is getting his ankles broken by Miss California and now Mark is jumping ship. Now listen, as an Eagles fan I couldn’t care less that he is leaving the Patriots fan base. Honestly, everyone in the New England should have dropped him after he left the Super Bowl early. I’m heart broken because it’s the Cowboys. The fucking Cowboys. They are the one team that every playoffs (well not every because they normally are 8-8 on the outside looking in) I say, any one but them.

Hate everything about them and their scumbag fans. Including KMess. Kevin and I are the best of friends. That is except from September to February. During those months Kevin can go eat a bag of dicks and choke on the wrapper for all I care.

Day after the Super Bowl “Hey buddy, you lose weight? You’re looking lean and mean”

Mid November “God I hate you. Why am I friends with you? Delete my number and if you wouldn’t mind go fuck yourself dirtbag.”

Football is king.

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