Ben Simmons Denied Access Into A Casino For Problematic Reasons

This is flat out embarrassing. Not only because it’s clearly racism when Ben’s photographer is the only dude not checked. But it’s also embarrassing to not recognize its Ben Simmons. The guy is like 7 feet tall and not to mention he’s Australia’s greatest export right now. There has to be more to this. Maybe these guys are pissed because they bet their entire life savings on the Australian team in this year’s World Championship. Then Ben announcing he isn’t playing and the boys are hot. How are they supposed to tell their family they lost it all on FIBA?

No wonder Ben doesn’t want to play for your country when you can’t even let him play a little blackjack with the fellas. It’s not like you’re afraid he’s going to shoot someone, he never shoots……get it.

Ps. Fuck racism

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