Attention Average Golfers: It’s Our Time!

Hello Friends.

This is our time to shine boys!

It’s the first weekend of August, and this is the time us mediocre golfers live for. If you’re like me and a 20ish handicap, mid-90’s golfer, it’s too hot to really take a round serious, so here are a few reasons why August is for us.


  • Carts ONLY: Unless you are a complete golf hardo, nobody wants to walk a track in temperatures that are almost 100*. I don’t even know if I could make it 4 hours in this heat without having a heat stroke out. With no rain in sight, get off the path, drive to your ball, swing, sit back down. It’s majestic really, forget walking you barely even have to stand up.
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  • Beer: Perhaps the most important aspect of golfing in August is staying hydrated. Yes, that means domestic beers! Coors Light, Bud Light anything that taste more like water than alcohol is your friend. Drink plenty! No one can judge you in this heat for drinking an 18-pack to your self on the course. Do you think it’s a coincidence that there are 18 holes in a course? I think not.

Start Late, Finish Early: Obviously a 2pm tee time is not our friend here. I don’t mind the 8am calls but when I’m getting worn out on the back stretch and the temperatures are hitting 90, I really don’t care to finish the last few holes. Tee of at 5pm, the temperatures are slowly dropping and usually it’s too dark to finish up. No one wants to be the guy to say “I’m too drunk or tired to finish”, but when the sun goes down, it’s a wrap for all involved.


Built in Excuse: Shank it? No problem! Your shirt was sticky and hindered your natural swing! Lose a ball? Who cares! No one expects you to scrounge around the fescue in this heat, drop a new one and keep hacking away. Miss a putt? Those damn greens are tried out! Don’t sweat it. Literally.

Those are just a few tips and tricks for us average golfers this August. Go enjoy a few holes with your mates and crack a couple open. No pressure to be Tiger out there boys, August golf is the best time for a mediocre round.

Enjoy, and stay hydrated!


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