Ninja is leaving Twitch

Ninja needs no introduction, he is one of the most popular streamers and last night he posted this video on his Twitter.

Today he announced that he is leaving Twitch for Mixer. Last January Mixer had about 10 million active users while Twitch had over 100 million. I have no idea what the number is but Mixer has to have given Ninja a dumb amount of money to go to an audience 10x smaller. On Twitch, Ninja has over 14 million followers while no one on Mixer has a million.

I think the best case scenario, by best I obviously mean funniest, is if Ninja signed a one year deal with Mixer for an absurd amount of money and once the deals over he goes back to Twitch. The way to make money on Twitch is by subs/donations/ads, I have never used Mixer but I imagine that is how most people make money on there as well. Ninja will NOT make as much as he does on Mixer but he will be able to take days off and not have to worry about losing so much income. This deal is surprising but also makes so much sense, Mixer gains a huge streamer and most of his following while Ninja becomes the first streamer with some stable income.

I’m very interested to see if Mixer goes after other streamers and how this will affect Twitch as a whole. I could see Mixer going after Ninjas friends or other members of FaZe. Ninja has already invited “Bugha” (the 16 year old who won Fortnites world championship) to come and join him over at Mixer. Ninja is basically just the Lebron of this streaming shit.

Update: In a now deleted tweet the deal with Mixer is a 6 year worth $932 MILLION! The tweet is deleted so I don’t know if it is a fake number or just wasn’t supposed to be put out but holy fuck. Take your kids out of Football and get them a gaming PC immediately.


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August 1, 2019 8:41 pm

Almost a billion dollars??? That better be a fake number. That’s insane


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