Le’Veon Bell’s Latest Publicity Stunt is a Total Abomination

For many of us, our fantasy football draft day mine as well be Christmas morning. Well, for Le’Veon Bell fantasy owners last season, we got coal for Christmas.

Yes, I was one of those infected by the disease that was drafting Le’Veon Bell in fantasy football last season. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Le’Veon Bell sitting out last year was the biggest travesty on American soil since Pearl Harbor. The damage cannot be undone.
Le’Veon was the Mind Flayer and I was Billy. As each week of his selfish actions went along, he continued to poison me. After many weeks of this agony, I was dead. Out of the playoffs.
Now, with fantasy draft scheduling SZN upon us, Le’Veon alllll of a sudden has this big heartfelt apology. What a coincidence. This is all a ploy because his fragile ego can’t handle being drafted later than other big name running backs and he knows a bunch of people are about to spite him for what he did last year. Also he plays for the Jets. Usually not a fantasy powerhouse. I see through you even if you’re wearing a stupid visor at night time, Le’Veon Bell. Your half ass apology is not saving you from slipping out of the first round.
What is truly maddening about Le’Veon missing an entire season is that everyone realized what a terrible business decision it was except for Bell and the people giving him financial advice. The deal he struck with the Jets was far less than he anticipated. In fact, it was less than the initial offer made by the Steelers AND he forfeited a years salary in the process.
What good does a tweet do any of us? We deserve a personal apology to each and every one of us. Le’Veon Bell should be at my fantasy draft this year and put his own god damn sticker on the board.
This was by far the most offensive tweet someone with ties to the state of New York put out this week.
Apology not accepted, Le’Veon.
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July 30, 2019 11:54 am

I picked him up to last year. I’ll never forgive him! 😡