Flying Is Cancelled!

I wasn’t going to finish this blog, and was content with it living in my drafts forever, but I just can’t keep this private anymore.

“Hiding” under a blanket to jerk your junk? Are you serious?

This past month we’ve encountered numerous infractions happening on our beloved 747’s. Jerkoff Jeff wasn’t the only one this month.

In an environment where we’re all trying to calm our nerves, some disturbing activity has taken place.

We all saw this husband and wife get into an argument over his “wandering eyes”, and the laptop over the head was a nice touch. This couple was extreme; extremely entertaining.

They posed no threat to other passengers, who doesn’t want to see a WWE match before lift off? That’s a nice diversion and amazing subject of conversation through the flight.

Win Win if you ask me, however, our next encounters were much more disturbing.

Feet. Dirty feet. In public. WHY! Why is this a thing? Get your troll feet out of my line of vision. I’m already stressed about being 30,000ft in the air. I don’t need your atrocious appendages flying around doing acrobatics. This lady giving the “hang ten” surfing move off the back of the seat in front of her. Nauseating.

Next we have a guy that I hope is some sort of contortionist. He uses his toes better than I can use an Apple Pencil. The amount of fucks he gives to do this in public is almost equal to farting in a library; no one is going to say anything, but you’re disgusting.

And lastly… oh boy. This one takes the cake. How twisted do you have to be to blow-dry your underwear under an air vent on the plane? How does this happen?

ALL of these acts should be shamed online. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. There’s not any excuse to justify these actions. NONE.

However, here we are, 2019, “living our best life!” Gross. How about you live your best life in private.


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Mws R
July 30, 2019 7:08 pm