Basic Bitchin’: I Am Not Impressed That Your Car Climbed Mt Washington

Driving around the streets of New England you see a lot of things. Sometimes meth addicts navigating through oncoming traffic, other times the sheer determination of an angry grandmother laying on her horn for an official 2:34. Nothing seems more common than that stupid bumper sticker.

“This Car Climbed Mt. Washington”

On the ranking of worst bumper stickers, this one is just slightly better than the 26.2 or even worse the 13.1 bumper stickers. I’m not anti-bumper sticker at all actually. At one point I contemplated starting an entire Twitter account for my favorite bumper stickers but I can’t afford the insurance. It’s a great way to show some personality but everyone always tip toes along the problematic lines and that’s when bumper stickers go too far. Pretty much like Twitter.

But bragging about something your car did, and not even taking credit for it is the lamest brag of all time. Your car climbed a mountain?? Cool. My car was roundhouse kicked by a homeless man screaming to himself at 5am. That’s real street cred.

I did some Googling on how impressive it is for a car to actually get up this mountain. If that many people have the bumper sticker it can’t be quite that difficult. I can’t find anything other than pictures of people’s cars with the bumper sticker.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.02.47 PM.png

Looks a whole lot easier than running a marathon. If I was a runner I’d peel these suckers off one by one. You can do it on a motorcycle? Has an electric scooter done climbed Mt Washington yet?

I’m shocked the YouTube community hasn’t made it to Mt Washington yet, but these folks seem to have it covered.

This lady 100% asked for 3 stickers and put it on Facebook the minute she got home.


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